Who developed the Colour Energy Education Systems?
Inger Naess, founder of Colour Energy Corporation and the Colour Energy Education Systems, first became aware of the role colour plays in our lives when she was a kindergarten teacher. Inger realized that the different personalities of the children in her classes corresponded to the different energies of the seven main colours of light.

For several years, Inger studied, in depth, the history of colour and the effects of colour on people. Inger is currently working with many noted colour educators and researchers from all over the globe. She is affiliated with IAC and continues to work with other Colour Groups.

"Colours are different expressions for light, just as words are expressions of our thoughts and feelings," says Inger. "Light is life and colours are the language of light" is a philosophy Inger lives by!

Inger is a visionary who understands the importance of teaching people about colour energy; how an individual can reach their potential by using one of life's simpliest form of energy--colour.


Why would I take a colour course?
To study colour philosophy is to understand your soul, your subconscious and unconscious behaviours, and your conscious existence in the present moment. Learn to use and teach others the enormous power to which we all have access. Our courses has been designed for the serious colour novice, business professional, seasoned practitioner - anyone wishing to implement the power of colour into life or business.


Why is the course so expensive?
In order to understand and become specialized in a field, one must understand all avenues which connect and influence the topic. Our intent is to educate a person to fully understand how colour really affects us in every way and every day. This cannot be accomplished in a weekend seminar or in a text. Practical assignments and self analyzation are the only ways we can see whether or not you truly understand how colour effects your being and surroundings. Our course instructors are in constant contact with students through their completed assignments via written reports which are returned with comments. Each course contains 8 modules and takes approximately 12-18 months to complete the full course program. We are also in the process of adding more specialized colour courses to add to the Foundation program.


What makes your course so unique?
Up until now, no other educational institute has a colour program which demands so much work and is as diversified in its teaching. Even if you feel you know colour and energy, our education system can teach you more.

Whether you wish to incorporate an education in the field of consulting, counselling or business, our courses are created to teach towards a specific area thereby educating an individual with more intense information regarding the subject(s).

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