Holistic health is one of the fastest growing areas around the world. Each day more and more people are understanding the connection of, and the importance between, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves - that the mind, body and soul are intertwining matrixes which affect all levels of our being. Our education ideology is based on the seven different energies: physical, social, mental, emotional, communicative, intuitive and spiritual. Each "intelligence" connects to a colour and a chakra.

Whether this is your first step into this area or you are choosing to advance your knowledge of yourself and/or colour energy, the Colour Energy Education Systems Foundation course has been designed to help you fully understand the seven levels of "colour" intelligence. Each Colour Energy Education Systems course provides a personal and professional forum of self-discovery, educating you through self analysis and a variety of experiences. Our belief is that the best method of training is through self-interpretation/analysis and personal growth. Each study program has been designed to inspire you to learn, motivate you to grow and encourage you to transform your life.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new student and honoring the next step on your path.

Mission Statement

The Colour Energy Education Systems philosophy is based on the link between heaven and earth; increasing personal awareness and knowledge using the universal language of colour which is understood by the body, mind and spirit!

CEES Philosophy

CEES is committed to collaborative endeavors in distance education, both at home and internationally. CEES offers the most comprehensive correspondence course available in colour energy today. You will get the latest knowledge and techniques currently available from leading experts in the field of colour energy and vibrational medicine.

Our viewpoint is based on the fact that we are all intelligent human beings; therefore, we have no specific entry requirements for anyone wishing to join the Colour Energy Foundation course. The course provides quality and flexibility, allowing you to train at your own pace. Teachers are in contact with students through the grading of the assignments and offer support services to assist students with lesson instructions or course planning.

The CEES mandate is to be the leading source for colour education. Through other special programs we will be offering additional courses and lecturers from around the globe to help advance your colour knowledge and your colour world.