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You may start your study any time after we have returned your approved enrollment agreement with the first segment of the Foundation course. Each course has been divided into subject modules and with each module you receive a working plan that illustrates the sequence of the reading and course assignments for you to complete. Certain assignments must be sent back to CEES for evaluation. This ensures your understanding of the course material throughout the study. If there are any queries, you can contact your course advisor on our toll-free school information line, by


Colour Energy Foundation Course - 8 Modules

(CEES1001) Cost - $1,800

The Colour Energy Foundation course is mandatory before taking other future CEES courses and takes the longest to complete (estimated 12-18 months). The Foundation course is divided into 8 segments. The first part is the history and theory of colour combined with the personality questionnaire and assignments. The subsequent seven segments take you through the rainbow of energies. Each colour segment has been designed to educate you through self analysis and experiences which relate to that specific colour - to truly understand colour is to live and become that energy. Total comprehension of colour requires more than educating yourself in the theory and the meaning of colour; it is through personal experience and self insight that the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual bodies will understand.

The Foundation course contains several practical assignments and comprehensive material; however, we promise you an exciting year of personal learning and growth! Your body, mind and soul are a synchronized team that works together with your creative thought world. How you understand and react to reality affects your physical body all the way down to your cellular level. It is through the energy of colour that you will learn how to focus your thoughts in the direction that will be the best and most advantageous for you. Through this course you will begin to understand the principles of the rainbow. This course includes: An Introduction to Colour Energy booklet, The Colour Energy hardcover book, laminated Colour Chart, Colour Personality analysis, and course material which consists of 8 Workbooks (one for each module). Crayons and writing materials are not provided.

After this study you will never be the same!

Upon completion of the CEES Foundation Course you will reciev a certificate of completion.


Your best investment...

Become colour educated!

The Colour Energy Education Systems extends a learning
experience that no other individual teaching facility or
research institution has offered to date.

Empower yourself... use the universal energy of light.
Integrate this rich and cosmic colour knowledge into
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